Design Services

Whether you’re designing a new home or you’re ready for an update in your current home, Patina’s talented designers, Amanda and Kim are ready to help. They will work with you to create a design plan based on your style, budget, and space.

Service Cost and Benefits:

-$500 initial fee

-Initial in-home consultation with a “punch list” of suggestions

-Custom plan, to include drawings, furniture photos, fabric samples and accessories.

-20% off all purchases pertaining to your project (excluding original art and vintage pieces).

*Additional fee for travel further than 20 miles

These services are offered per design project. The benefits pertain only to the mutually agreed upon project and the benefits end upon completion of the project.

The design team and clients work together and clients are expected to consult with the designers before purchasing any items for the home once the design agreement has been signed.

We aim to complete the design project in a timely manner and require clients to respond to all email and phone correspondence. When there is a lack of progress or communication from the client for more than 1 month, Patina will consider the project closed.

If interested in our design services, please email:

We look forward to working with you.