Design Services

Patina has received many requests over the years for help pulling a room together. With the shop and a warehouse full of treasures, adding a few fabulous finishing touches can be very rewarding both for us and our client. We encourage customers and designers to shop with us for those unique, one-of-a-kind things.

Patina offers design services for customers.The Patina Design team will visit your home to discuss your project. We specialize in the editing of your existing pieces to
maximize their use. An initial fee of $500* includes the home visit and a follow up “punch list” of suggestions. If you choose to continue with Patina, we will
provide a custom plan, including drawings, furniture,fabric, accessory selections and follow-up visits at a fee of $100/hr.

Design Client Discounts:
40% off All Wesley Hall Upholstery
20% off All Purchases** pertaining to your project
(**Excludes original art & vintage items)
*Additional fee for travel further than 20 miles

Please contact us through the website "contact form" to initiate a consultation.

Patina offers a trade program for designers. A short questionnaire is available for application. We invite you to apply today! Your business details will help us determine which of our Trade Programs works best for you.