Campo de Fiori

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    Campo de’ Fiori derives its name from a small piazza in Rome where owner Robin Norris’ mother used to buy fresh flowers and vegetables for the family home. Literally, Campo de’ Fiori means “Field of Flowers” and the combination of flowers and the elegance of classical Rome combined to inspire its current incarnation in the Berkshires.

    In the Berkshires, Robin met his wife, Barbara Bockbrader, a highly respected horticulturist and plantswoman. Between Robin’s classical eye for design and Barbara’s sensuous plantings, something happened—seeds were sown and from them Campo de’ Fiori has come to life.

    A divine partnership with artisans in Mexico brought to life these incredible pots.

    Clay gathered from a lagoon. Tread upon by foot, kneaded by hand. Thrown on the wheel, feet thrashing, fingers shaping. Fired with wood, aged with care in the misty greenhouse, over time, until there appears on each and every one the lush, lusty green of the beloved moss.

    The companion collection of copper-plated plant saucers and trays, and iron trivets and plant stands allow for a harmonious plant presentation in both home & garden.

    24 products
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