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Design Services/ In-Home Design


Patina Polished Living is pleased to offer in-home design services. 

The Patina Design team will visit your home to discuss your space. We can help you select color schemes, furniture and decor that will work for your lifestyle. We specialize in the editing of your existing pieces to maximize their use. 

A decorating fee of $500* includes a home visit, discussing your project, offering suggestions and determining the best way forward. If necessary, a custom plan, including drawings, furniture, fabric and accessory selections will be created.


Design Client Discounts:

40% off  Wesley Hall Upholstery and

20% off  other Purchases 

Pertaining to Your Project


To schedule this service, please email us at: design@patinapolish.com and provide us with available dates.


* Additional home visits and consultation for design will be charged at $100 per hour.