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Tips on Lighting

Tips on Lighting

You found the perfect table for your dining room or kitchen. Now you just need to figure out the size that will look best. The general rule of thumb is to measure the width of your table and then subtract 12 inches. So, if your table is 36 inches wide, search for a 24-inch chandelier. When it comes time to hang the light, make sure to hang no more than 30 to 36 inches above the surface of the table.

If you have an open concept space, you may want to consider hanging two chandeliers, instead of one large light. If your space dictates a light over 36 inches, it is wise to hang two or three matching chandeliers instead of one massive light that will impede the sight line in the room.

Make sure that light fixtures hung in an entry are high enough so mishaps do not occur. Allow at least twelve inches of space above the tallest person in your home. There is nothing worse than a broken glass globe that can no longer be replaced.

In the bath, make sure lighting is wet rated. There are many fixtures available with this rating, and they will assure peace of mind. Who wants an electrical fire in a recently renovated bathroom? Allow two to three inches of space over a mirror or medicine cabinet. If you do not have natural light in your bath, put sconces on either side of the vanity mirror. If this is not possible, search for a vanity light that shines down, not up, to maximize light. When putting sconces on top of a mirror, take into account the reflection. Will the naked bulb be too bright? Make sure you choose a fixture with a full shade, not a partial shade, as the back of the light will be reflected in the mirror.